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Nice strawman. In your rather peculiar world-view apparently there seems to be no middle ground between "Hey how you doing coach?" and "Let's duel with pistols at Noon."?

I agree that most anyone would say 'hello' but most anyone wouldn't run a nearly non-stop diatribe on a website for 5 years constantly berating someone and begging to get them fired and stating that Weber had destroyed or nearly so something precious to them. So, that said, the norms of public behavior might not apply here.

How about a simple, "Coach I wish you luck at K State but you and the Illini program would be a lot better off if you'd quit making public comments about how you got fired."?

Not complex or difficult.

And not appropriate to say anything other than 'hello' at that time and place in my opinion....obviously you hold a different opinion. Isn't this a great forum and a great country?
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