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Illinois + 11 at Michigan

The last time these two teams played was at Illinois and Michigan delivered a 14 point beat down on the Illini.

Oh how things have changed since that last match up.Illinois finding some defense and Michigan trying to hold it together.

Winning at Michigan has been impossible so far this year as they serve home court well. But they are facing a very determined team with the Illini. The Illini have faced 10 RPI opponents this year-the most of any team this season in the nation. 5-5 and # 11 forthcoming.

I call things the way I see things and here is what I Think....

11 points is way to many points for Michigan to give up. John Q public is blindly driving the line on the name of Michigan alone. They are not factoring in Illinois is playing great defensive ball as of late the last 5 games and a team that seems to be getting it at the right time.

Michigan coming off a lay off (maybe rusty) Illinois battle ready well conditioned team

I think Illinois is going to give Michigan a great game and it would not surprise me to see Brandon Paul to get untracked and nail 30 against that weak outside defense Michigan has and win the game straight up

Illinois +++++all the points you will give me 11
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