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I only got a few Ubben reports about JG and his staff after he took over, but the program he inherited was in shambles. The 2-12 finish, the mental and emotional wear and tear on the players, the frustration with BW, the tension between certain players -- by the time the season mercifully ended back in March, this team was a wreck. Most of the players and their parents were tired of the previous staff's system and how they dealt with the players. A lot of guys had lost confidence in themselves largely by how they were handled, the ill-fitting system for most, the tension around their late-season meltdown, getting thrown under the bus that infamous press conference after the home loss to PU.

JG and staff came in and exuded confidence, encouragement and enthusiasm from day 1. They quickly built relationships with each player, getting to know them and pouring not only teaching but positive reinforcement into them. It's been noted how TG said he received more encouragement in a few short weeks from the new staff than he received his first 3 years at UI. That's an enlightening indictment. I only know about JW from eyewitness accounts, but I was told how he amazed BP, DJ and the other guards with his ability to teach, instruct and correct while pouring on encouragement and patience. It was such a departure from the previous 3 years that they took to it like a fish to water. BP said he learned more about how to handle the ball and create in one summer than he received in 3 prior years.

I fully expect the B1G slate to be a struggle. I'd be shocked if we won more than 10 games. But, after watching how much improved we are down the stretch of games and the dramatic improvement of individual players (aside from his last 2 games, BP is starkly better than he was the last dozen or so games of 2011-12, TG is night and day better, TA is almost unrecognizable as a driving/creating/finishing PG, NE is showing off a beautiful new jump shot, etc.), I'm much more excited about the future than I was the last 5-6 seasons.

This matches what i was always told about Bruce Weber practices during his tenure. He would come out and yell at the guys for about 10 minutes and then go back into his office and let them work with the assistants. John Groce likes to work individually with his guys and actually teach them.

The local media love him.
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