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* Jaylon Tate was very impressive out there. He does a great job finding his teammates, has plus vision imo. He is also extremely quick out there both in driving past his man with a quick first step and on the defensive end pressuring his guy and cutting him off when he gets beat initially or off the screen and roll. He still needs to keep working on his shot, and may never be a really good shooter, but I really like what he brings as a PG. He just needs to be careful about the careless passes that he can get away with in HS sometimes. Needs to get stronger too obviously.

* Was very impressed with Kendrick Nunn as well. He is so explosive, has a quick first step and great quickness laterally, very fast one end to the other. He has such a soft jump shot, but he is off balance a lot it seems. I still don't get how he is so streaky with that soft touch. I am excited to see him with a summer working with the staff. I love how aggressive he is getting to the basket and how he really finishes when he gets there. Goes straight at the rim and hard, no fading or avoiding contact for him.

I can't wait to finally have a few guards with great quickness and speed...
Thanks as always for the analysis Kramer. I didn't get to see the game today, and I'm bummed that I missed it. The other 2-3 times I've seen Simeon play this year, I've been unimpressed for the most part. I agree Nunn's shooting form looks great, but he always seems to have off nights when I'm able to watch. It could be jitters since they don't get to play on national tv all that often.

What do you think our expectations should be for these guys next year when it comes to minutes? I have to think that Tate gets 10 minutes a game just out of pure necessity. Will he be able to handle that? Nunn is a bit of a wild card too. We've been told not to expect a lot out of him as a frosh, but the athleticism is easily seen. Who is in line to play the 2 next year? DJ will be gone. RR is a 3. I have to think JB starts at the 2 which isn't ideal, but it looks like our best options after him are MH and Nunn, in that order. Unless I'm forgetting someone?

Next year might be rough now that I think about it. I think Nnanna will be a solid 5 by then. I think RR will be ok at the 3. And Tracy will be good at the 1. Does JB split minutes with RR at the 3 or is he going to be primarily a 2? Basically, MM should be penciled in as a back up right now, whether he's ready or not. And as bad as we are at the 4 this year, we should be just as bad next year unless MS or MyH takes a quantum leap forward. It seems we will have a glaring hole at the 2 which should open up about 20 minutes a game for MH and KN (unless the plan is to have MH as a 3). I think Tate gets about 10 mins a game as well, again just out of necessity.
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