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Finke is a perfect fit for Underwood's system. Heck THT is a great fit too.. Not sure if you can take both because they are looking for an athletic SF type too.
I agree about Finke but the reason I want THT is that he has the size and motor to be a beast in this team. Between him, Smith, and Damonte we would have 3 guys that could physically wear defenders down. Combine that with the style that we play and it would be difficult for other teams to keep up with us. Plus, we would finally have some serious height and length at the guard positions which would be key for the way we play defense.

Ayo is absolutely our #1 target because you can never have enough lead guards in an offense like this. After that we need to get at least 1 of THT or Finke and then we can see what else we need. Obviously a player like De Sousa would be incredible. Conditt would be solid but again would be the type of big who will need a year before he can really get up to speed with the college game due to his size.

Landing a player like Ayo would be critical to not only the team going forward, but also to get some significant recruiting momentum. Players want to play with top players (particularly top PGs) and getting Ayo along with our current players like Mark Smith and I think we could be attractive to just about any player in the country. Doesn't mean we land them, but it no longer becomes a leap of faith to join our team.
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