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Originally Posted by kuhl84 View Post
Assuming Ayo, a big, and one of THT/Finke (huge assumption, getting way ahead of reality), I think the staff would only over sign for a perfect fit to the roster. IMO, that would be a highly skilled player who has the skills of a 3, but could defend the 4. I guy like Bazely would be perfect except he signed with Syracuse. One of the SF with length or PF with mobility from the scholarship grid.

If they think Finke is going to grow to 6'9", then you can disregard my ramblings.

Kipper and possibly Vesel are the only guys like that on the roster. Kipper is a bit small for the role and I don't know enough about Vesel to know if he is skilled enough.

TJL, TF, DW, MS, AJ, Ayo, & THT/Finke are all 1-3 from a defense perspective, with Kipper a 3/4. That is probably already one more than ideal roster construction (no inside info, just logic). If you are going to push someone out, it wouldn't be to add another in this group.
Agreed however 6'7" is probably adequate height to guard a lot of team's 4s unless we are talking about Purdue or MSU. Agree that we need someone who can fit that defensive 4 spot, its just those players are hard to come by for a reason.
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