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It's all well and good to have a positionless offensive scheme, but you still need a certain array of bodies to match up against other teams on defense, at least to some degree.
Of course, but we have most of those players. We all agree we need a guy in the 6'7-6'9 range who can defend down low but fit into our offense. If you look at the current rosters of most teams they only have about 3 players 6"9' or taller. We added 2 players this season who fit into the 6'9" or taller category but it's not as if most teams have twin towers anymore. Most teams play with a 6'7-6'9" guy at the 4. We really aren't that severely lacking in height. It doesn't mean we couldn't use a 6'8 guy with perimeter skills, but so could just about any team.
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