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With our 3 I'd push for JT and finish out with 5th year guys. Let's fill as many schollies as we can this year while also opening some more up for next year. I don't know if the wright state kid is still available but I'd take him in a heartbeat.
That sounds like a pretty solid plan. A 5th year big that can help on the glass and protect the rim would be a real nice piece especially if Tilmon has a change of heart. Would be good for him to have a mature player to go against in practice for a year.

The third scholly would be great for an athletic wing type but they're going to be tough to find in the 5th year market, I fear. If we can find one that would be ideal so we can have some more available in 2018 with all the offers we're putting out there. Even though we missed on Frankie Jones I still think BU will pull a couple of surprises between now and summer enrollment. Recruiting is fluid.
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