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Originally Posted by djsmokyc View Post
I am asking this question from a place of major ignorance, so please let me know what I am missing. Trying to learn, not criticize. I haven't seen either player actually play.

Why was Groce (and the board, generally) ok with pulling out of the Paul Scruggs recruitment after landing Trent Frazier, yet we are going back after Mark Smith, who appears to be a similar player (big, athletic PG)?

Are they actually very different players?

Is it a "protecting the home state" type thing?

Has the recruiting scene changed enough since then (Goodwin going to SLU, Wilkes going to UCLA, other PF/C recruits going elsewhere) to make a major difference?
Scruggs was not coming to Illinois. Best guess, coaches honestly asked him if they had a real shot and he gave them an answer that made them believe pursuing him wasn't worth the investment.

One word... Consistency.

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