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I'm trying to be objective here, but why is the press so myopic? They talk about MSU moving west would have given us more competitive balance between the divisions as if things are so static. I hope I'm not just wishful thinking, but other than scUM and tOSU, 10 years from now Wisky, MSU, Iowa and Nebraska (maybe) could be bottom feeders and Illinois could be as solid as Wisky. IMHO, only scUM and tOSU are almost certain to remain strong and only IU is almost certain to never reach a BTT. With the right coach, any of the others can reach near the top or be near the bottom, just as the power shifted from East to West in the SEC.
It looks unbalanced, because Iowa is down now. If they follow their roller coaster trajectory they've been on the past decade, they'll be on the upswing in the next few seasons (due to good recruiting during their Orange Bowl run) and then in a few years down because of the bad recruiting now.
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