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Jesus Grpundhog get off the intellectual BS throne. Care less about proper grasmmarrr on thesde foruns.

I's as much about research $$$ and alumni clout as anything.

By the way what football success?
So sorry, I didn't realize it was intellectual BS to ask that you write as if you had attended college. My error.

2009 data on federal research funding (see page 16 from linked report):
Duke $439 million, No. 13 nationally
UNC $432 million, No. 14 nationally
Illinois $288 million, No. 34 nationally

2011 comprehensive ranking of US research institutions (including endowment, research funding, doctorates granted, etc...):
_6 - Duke
16 - UNC
26 - Illinois

Duke has had one of the very worst major conference football programs in the modern era. Over the last 50 years, they have only appeared in the polls three times, and never since 1994. UNC leads their football rivalry with Duke 41 to 21 with 1 tie. Duke has beaten UNC just twice in the past 23 years.

Bottom line: UNC would be a very good catch for the B1G. Given that Duke doesn't bring any TV sets we wouldn't already get with UNC, I would be surprised if they were offered.

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