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So sorry, I didn't realize it was intellectual BS to ask that you write as if you had attended college. My error.
Please stop GHD! Reading the illiterate posting that Illinois is academically superior to other schools is one of the few light moments one can enjoy on the Football side of this site.

Seriously though, I have to agree with you. We all make grammar and spelling errors. I am certain IlliniKat or one of the other great teachers on the site can correct me regularly. It isn't too much to ask that in a post where you are suggesting our school is great or the other poster is ignorant to glance at your post before hitting 'submit reply'.

With regard to expansion, I still like my thought that the B1G is suggesting rumors to the press about taking GT or UVa in order to 'shake the tree'. I think they are trying to see if they can get UNC or ND or Texas to request entry before the last spots are taken.
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