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Josh Ferguson's progress excites Illini coach

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"He wasn't a common name last year because he didn't play," Beckman told ESPN.com last week. "But Josh had a really good spring. ... I saw it, really, going back to February when we started workouts. You can tell he has a great knack for the game, works extremely hard."

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can't wait to see what he can do on gamedays!!!
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I'm most interested to see what Beatty does with Scheelhaase. Nate has great speed, but he can never seem to juke anybody, if there was a coach on this team that knows how useful those type of moves are, it's Beatty, who has seen some great skill position players in his time at WVU.

If Nate can prove to be a threat with his feet, life will be a lot easier for Ferguson & Young, but if he averages 3.3 yards per carry like he did last year, they'll be in trouble.
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