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    Name, Image, Likeness Rule

    So Nick, are you saying that the TAMU bag men are better than your bag men? Well, we can't have that now, can we?
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    Illini Volleyball

    A really bad article on the Indiana VB program: Culture of Fear
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    2022 NFL Draft Thread

    What happened to Blake Hayes?
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    Terry Hawthorne joins Arkansas staff

    And this move locks Arkansas out of ESL for two years now, too, doesn't it? (not that they had a great impact there to begin with)
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    Illini Football 2022

    I hope that restaurant had another truckload of food on the way.
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    2021-22 College Football Coaching Carousel

    Bryan Harsin in deep doo-doo at Auburn. He has not yet earned the dreaded "vote of confidence" but hoo boy the knives are out.
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    2021-22 College Football Coaching Carousel

    Lot of buzz that the Harbaugh to Vikings deal is done
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    Nate Hobbs

    (y) for username/comment synergy
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    Bowl Games

    He's not wrong.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    I think Christian DiLauro's dad posted here, too
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    Week 14 Games

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    Week 14 Games

    Heck, they've only had a football program for 10 years, let alone join a conference.
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    2021-22 College Football Coaching Carousel

    Michigan beating Ohio State has opened a cross-dimensional wormhole.