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    Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

    I will add Frank Williams because he is the reason I became a fan. I will also really like to see Joseph Bertrand always liked him.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

    Sad. Still alot of bball left but I'm worried about this losing streak....ugh...
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    Just sad... good fight but you can't play that bad and get down by 20 at home. Hope ayo is ok but feel like I've had the wind knock out my sails for this team... if ayo is out next man up hoping to see Jones step up and live up to his potential... go illlini
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

    Glad to see Nebraska who has nothing to play for actually show up for their game
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

    The big question here is do we see a fake rally tonight????
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

    Waiting for the second half fake rally.... definitely not playing are best ball in February
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    Take deep breaths everyone.... losing sux but man it feels good to be disappointed and peed off... still know that this is and ncaa tournament team with a lot of games left o the schedule to get better and still be in contention for the bigten. Beat Mich state and stay the course. Go illini...