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    Ohio State 87, Illinois 81 Postgame

    We if nothing else we made the front page of reddit for a cool gif
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    I'm currently in the MSW program and I had a class with Ravon in the fall so yes he was still attending U of I.
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    Illinois 81, Northwestern 56 Postgame

    I think a big part of it is playing teams they feel they can beat. They seem to come out with more energy against higher quality teams. Something else I was noticing was it seems a lot of the defensive effort is tied in to whether they are making shots or not. First half NW was getting lots of...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Northwestern, Thursday, January 7th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    And last game one of his 3s was a catch and shoot in transition while he was on the move, wasnt a good shot. Hes not a Duncan Robinson type shooter where he's going to come off screens and fire away, he really needs to be pretty close to stationary on the catch to make sure his mechanics are good.
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    2021 NCAA Tournament to be held in Indiana

    If only there would be fans allowed.....
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    Illinois 98, Penn State 81 Postgame

    I am definitely concerned with how lost they looked on defense at times but nice to show some toughness after that rough start to blow out PSU. They really to work on the PnR defense. Miller gluing to his man letting the ballhandler blow by and the bigs not walling up and just leaving the ball...
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    Missouri 81, Illinois 78 Postgame

    Only 3 other players besides Ayo, Curbelo, and Kofi made a shot and nobody else made more than 1. That's insane
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    Illinois 83, Duke 68 Postgame

    For any other player in the country that's a game they played amazing. Feels good to have a guy that it seems like a meh game when he puts up a stat line like that.
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    Illinois 83, Duke 68 Postgame

    Crossed him up a couple times, backed up, crossed him some more, then hit a j in his face
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    Illinois 83, Duke 68 Postgame

    That was one of the lowest stress top 10 matches I have ever seen. That game was basically over when Hurt got his 3rd foul in the 1st half.
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    Illinois 77, Ohio 75 Postgame

    Preston is a pretty unique player for a college guard. He changes pace so well, has a great handle, and can make off balance shots which combined with his length makes him really hard to guard. Ayo was in his pocket the majority of the game but he was so good at creating even with a defender on...
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    Illinois 77, Ohio 75 Postgame

    Oh my heart. Thank everything for Ayo
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    Illinois 122, NC A&T 60 Postgame

    I absolutely loved the intensity and energy on defense to start the game. They do a great job of making the other team uncomfortable and then finishing with a rebound. I love how many guys were crashing the glass. Come a long way from a couple years ago when we watched the other team offensive...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Nebraska

    Jake Hansen is magical around the football. I know he didn't necessarily force that but he kept the RB from putting his other arm on the ball
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Nebraska

    That was not fake that was all Hayes lol