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    Giorgi Bezhanishvili leaves Illinois to pursue pro opportunities

    Wait what?? Was this expected? Didn’t realize he was even considering this. We probably won’t be very good next season :( unless BU can work some transfer magic.
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    Looking ahead to 2021-2022

    Imagine if Ayo shocked everyone again and returned for his senior season (with Kofi as well). Theres probably a <1% chance of it happening, but a guy can dream right??
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    3/20 Games

    Big 12, Big East, and ACC tournamant winners all lose in the first round. Wow.
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    3/19 Games

    I was pulling for Oral Roberts vs Colgate in the ultimate dental matchup
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    NCAA Tournament We're in trouble guys...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Drexel, Friday, March 19th, 12:15pm CT, TBS

    Ughh gonna be at work during the Drexel game (and likely the Sunday game too)
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    Selection Sunday

    I hope not, I like Loyola and want to see them make a run again. Just not at our expense.
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    3/13 Games

    RIP to one of the bubble teams
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    Bracketology (Week of March 8th)

    I hope you're right, and you probably are. But the selection committee is human and I just worry that there might be some recency bias and bias for whoever wins the conference tournamant. Also, if Iowa wins they will have 10 Q1 wins to our 11 so not a huge difference. Maybe the last decade of...
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    Bracketology (Week of March 8th)

    Please explain, I would love to have some peace of mind. I keep seeing people say we're a lock but I haven't seen an explanation as to why Iowa can't catch us. As someone mentioned earlier, Iowa would have a better record than us if they win the BTT
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    Bracketology (Week of March 8th)

    One game at a time. Let's focus on tomorrow first. If Iowa wins the BTT, they might bump us for the last #1 seed spot. Let's not let that happen.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Iowa, Saturday, March 13th, 2:30pm CT, CBS

    Still 3 minutes left in the Rutgers game! Don't jinx it ;)
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

    What I see every time Mulcahy is on my screen:
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

    Does anybody in the country have more halftime buzzer beaters than Trent??
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    3/12 Games

    Can someone give a summary of what happened in the Michigan/Maryland game? Wasn't able to watch.