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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Looks like somewhere south of Assembly Hall and between First and Fourth Streets out by Research Park
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    NCAA Name, Image, Likeness Rule

    Funny how all it took was a threat from the G-League for the NCAA to make new rules. It’s almost like they are only motivated to take actions to protect themselves rather than to benefit the players. Fortunately, this should ultimately be good for those players who deserve payment (assuming no...
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    Ayo Dosunmu has big decision to make about NBA

    It means nothing. It is quite confusing as a screenshot, but watching the video makes things much more clear. During the pre-season photo shoot, he makes a comment along the lines of “I’m not celebrating this year.. I’m locked in.” The video would go on to show his celebrations after all of his...
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    Illinois 79, Purdue 62 POSTGAME

    We glorify full brawls in hockey yet this makes him a punk? Hmm
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    Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME

    Early season we didn’t have that guy. Someone to step up and take control at the end of the game. Ayo has proven he’s ready to be that guy. Felt totally comfortable at the end as long as he was in the game. Not to mention Ayo has played 37 minutes in the last two games 👀
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Missouri, Saturday, December 21st, 12:00pm CT, SEC

    Lived downtown St. Louis this summer and its definitely mostly dead unless you want to feel like a tourist. Delmar Loop is 15-20 minutes from downtown and has some great food and there’s normally people there with more to see and do. A favorite on Delmar is Salt & Smoke - outstanding barbecue...
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    Looking ahead to 2020

    Well we were also less than 13 points away from being 3-9 this season... Not to be negative but statistics tell lies
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    I know this is a natural way to think, but I feel for an 18 year old kid who’s just made likely the biggest decision of his life. He is the type of player who will benefit much more down the line from what he learns in the classroom over the next (hopefully) 4 years. The idea of “we’ll see if he...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    AJ has the 5 hardest earned points
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Tev with one of the few emphatic dunks of the season. I love it
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    What’s the point of playing Adonis? The season is lost. Play Samba
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

    Hate the feeling that the only way out of this hole is hero ball from Trent
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

    Trent beating Mark Smith to take the lead on a fast break. Oh baby
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

    I like the discipline to stay out of foul trouble this half
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

    Push the tempo and we get back into the game. Let’s see how long we can keep it up