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    Pregame: Illinois vs Purdue, Saturday, January 2nd, 5:00pm CT, BTN

    Saw him play last week. I think his vertical jump is almost 2".
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    Week 13 Games

    Heard it suggested today on XM College Sports Radio that they should play this game on the crossover week and have two of the Eastern Division teams that cancelled their game do the same. Sounds like a logical solution.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Friday, October 23rd, 7:00pm CT, BTN

    The referee wasn't even looking at them. He had to be closest to the play.
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    Edwin Carter enters portal

    Yeah, but he still has 4 years left. Plenty of time to make an impression and get on the field. I wish him the best, though. After what he's been through I hope it all works out for him.
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    I believe some of the parents concerns are the lack of transparency the BIG displayed in making the decision. Parents were not informed, nor was their opinion solicited by the conference prior to the decision being handed out. They want to know what happened in the space of less than a week...
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    I wonder if early 2021 recruits could practice and/or play?
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    Illini Football & CFB 2020

    I'm in California. No one goes anywhere without a mask. Anywhere....period.
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    Illini Football & CFB 2020

    Why, playing Northwestern in late November has never been well attended.
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    Illini Football & CFB 2020

    My kids are teachers. Online and learning should not be used the same sentence when you are referring to elementary and high school age kids.
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    Illini Football & CFB 2020

    Looks like the ACC will follow suit. They said they'd invite ND to play as many ACC games as possible.
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    Who will be the #2 QB?

    I think Duece will #3.
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    Illini Football 2020

    That's why I think all the "experts" who are picking us for last in the West are in for a huge surprise.
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    Iowa Football Program Culture Criticism

    You really believe that breaking company rules is the way to affect change? I'm glad you don't work for me.
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    No fans at NCAA Tournament, B1G Tournament

    Ok, just don't close Las Vegas down. I'll take my chances there.