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    Looking ahead to 2021-2022

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    Adam Miller transfers to LSU

    would you expect the staff to come out and say they were expecting a freshman starter for every game on a top 10 team to transfer? I don't think so. They knew there were grumblings when AM was seeing less and less mins after starting. They can and should say what they did, but I think they were...
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    Adam Miller transfers to LSU

    I think if you read BU's quotes from the News Gazette article he was giving us a heads up that someone was going to be entering the portal. Not going to quote the article exactly but his statements about having the right guys in the locker room seems to be saying someone just wasn't the right fit.
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    NCAA Tournament

    Just in case any of you thought you at the point where you could stop crying and get up from the fetal position:
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    AD Josh Whitman open letter on the Big Ten regular season title

    One AD does it right, the other....
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    Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, February 20th, 2:30pm CT, FOX

    Illini should consider hiring UIS coach just for Free Throw shooting:
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    Ayo Dosunmu: MRI showed no structural damage

    can't believe I'm thinking this, let alone typing it up but I have to ask.......Did the Illini actually catch a break on something? it that really possible?
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    Illinois 64, Michigan 62 POSTGAME

    I have a job that I love. Three incredible children. A gorgeous wife. Hell, I got 2 dogs I really like. Yet I keep telling myself I haven't been this happy in 10 years...