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    Illini Football

    I'm almost positive it's going to be Indiana. They were one of the original 9 conference games on our 2020 schedule, but were dropped when the 8 game schedule was released. Guess we'll know in a few hours.
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    I suppose it doesn't warrant a banner, but maybe at least a sticky note in the rafters?
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    Future Football Schedules

    See two posts above...
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    The Kingfisher

    Virginia Tech Turkeys or whatever the hell it is.
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    The Kingfisher

    The Kingfisher is growing on me.
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    Basketball Uniforms

    I would generally agree, however the numbers don't lie. We're not good in them this year.
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    Future Football Schedules

    Four more Mizzou games. Four currently scheduled for 2026-2029.
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    Basketball Uniforms

    Update since Feb 18: We won in our whites (Nebraska), orange throwbacks (@ Northwestern), and white throwbacks (Indiana). We lost in the blues (@Ohio State). White: 6-0 Orange: 5-1 Blue: 1-5 White Throwback: 4-2 Orange Throwback: 4-2 Think we need to get #BurnTheBlues trending.
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    D1 Hockey at Illinois

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    The Kingfisher

    So long as its just a mascot and not a new team name, I couldn't care less. If they want to call our athletic teams the Kingfishers though it'd be a no go.
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    Basketball Uniforms

    Decided to go back and check the records in each uniform so far this season. White: 5-0 Orange: 5-1 Blue: 1-4 White Throwback: 3-2 Orange Throwback: 3-2 Moral of the story: don't wear blue.
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    My favorite thing was the transparency of the review process. It was great to be able to hear the replay official go over what he was looking for and what went into the decision on whether to overturn, play stands, etc.
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    Mark Dantonio announces retirement

    Kinda funny that he waited until after January 15th which is when he got a $4.3 million bonus.
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    2019 Fighting Illini Football Scholarship Grid

    At the Suburban Illini Club meeting last week Lovie said there were 6 open scholarships. Trenard participated in senior day, so I would guess he was already counted as not coming back, so I don't think the number has gone up.