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    2/28 Games

    I’m very aware of the recruiting situation at muck fichigan mistake and would love to see that cry baby fail miserably
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    2/28 Games

    I hope izzo never sniffs the ncaa tournament again in his lifetime
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    Ayo Dosunmu suffers facial injury

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    Ayo Dosunmu suffers facial injury

    Tom Izzo should be suspended from coaching the rest of the season big ten needs to send a message after all these are still just kids
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    Michigan State 81, Illinois 72 Postgame

    Any respect I had for izzo and MSU is gone
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    Illinois 75, Indiana 71 OT Postgame

    Nope wrong had his arm behind but did not wrap him at all your seeing what you wanna see
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    Lovie needs to be fired before this game is over and take the rest of the staff with him why can’t we at least show pass on first down this year easy to defend
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    Ohio State 71, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

    Game was controlled by the officials from the getgo not looking at amount of fouls or free throws just officials controlling this game worst games to watch imho road teams have no chance in these kinds of games
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    Illinois 67, Indiana 66 POSTGAME

    What a dick
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    Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

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    2/5 Games

    Easily best play of the game was the pass off the Iowa players face KARMA
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    2/5 Games

    Purdue I think I love But I wanna know for sure (finish this)
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Minnesota, Thursday, January 30th, 6:30pm CT, FS1

    Will be there and Maryland and mich st and Iowa