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    Chicago Cubs 2021 season

    11 hits today! lets see if they can get 8+ hits for a few games in a row, and not just against the Bucs!
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    Coaching Carousel

    Bum Philips about Bear Bryant : He can take his'n and beat your'n, then he can take your'n and beat his'n.
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    Coaching Carousel

    when is the last time , in Football or Mens Basketball, that a currently employed BigTen coach has poached by another school in the conference ? I believe there is a "gentlemen's agreement" to not do that. We are not the SEC
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    no one , repeat no one , should fault this lad for what his father did . this is the USA , 2021 . we don’t do that here
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    Coaching Carousel

    that’s my guess
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    Coaching Carousel

    I think Turgeon is simply tired of living in a large urban area. If he leaves, I would expect him to go to a much smaller town , like Manhattan, KS or similar college dominated town. Maybe Weber is on his way out at KSU
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    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    DeShaun Watson: looks like Houston would have a hard time trading him for an old bag full of used footballs right now starting to look like these allegations have legs
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    3/22 Games

    rules are , there are no rules
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    3/22 Games

    truth is , Loyola should have been a 5 or 6 seed. the NCAA underseeded them on purpose so they would play us
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    Looking ahead to 2021-2022

    how about a lil Harlem Globetrotters weave to make you laugh
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    3/22 Games

    The selection committee denies it, but they have a history of setting up games or possible games with "back stories" . Its why Texas had to play Abilene Christian It brings eyeballs to the TV's when games have these side issues. We were supposed to play OkSt if we won and they won, but...
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    Coaching Carousel

    seems like it , doesn’t it ? he wanted out & they wanted someone else - win win
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    Coaching Carousel

    lots of things have been happening in Minnesota the past 10 months that make ZERO sense . I think this is oddly connected , tbh .
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2021)

    I tend to agree. His game is not in vogue in the NBA anymore. The league has changed pretty dramatically . If he really wants to play in the NBA, sticking around for another year might be in his interests . He really needs to work on his footwork . His physical size and skill set...
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    Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

    I’m so proud of our team . we are back as a legitimate program I feel terrible for them . as a fan , I’m over it - them ? they have a lifetime of second guessing over what went wrong . it’s just too bad but life sometimes is like that