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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (September 2020)

    Man, this Nesbitt thing sure feels like a Groce recruitment. Hope this one ends differently than all of his higher-profile ones did.
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    Transfers Thread

    Regarding Painter - didn't he very publicly flirt with taking the Miznoz job a few years ago in order to coax a raise out of Purdue? Wasn't that only for his own best interests? But hey, take a college kid to task for wanting to try and put themselves in the best position they can to achieve...
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    Illinois 75, Northwestern 71 POSTGAME

    Anybody that knows how to figure this out and can say when we last won a game as a top 25 team?
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    Missouri 63, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    And the women's game.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

    Also interesting that the article said that UNM now has 15 scholarships committed for next year, which means January puts them over by 2. Seems like this is the definition of "flyer".
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    College Football Playoff & Bowl Games Thread

    Alabama, Clemson, OU, and ND in the playoffs in that order is my guess.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (July 2018)

    What on earth would lead you to draw that conclusion?
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    3/6 Games

    We have too many connections in the Horizon League.
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    3/6 Games

    Cleveland State is also where former Illinois AD Mike Thomas is now athletic director.
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    3/5 Games

    More former Illinois connections of note: Second half of Akron vs. Western Michigan just starting streaming on ESPN right now. Akron fell behind by 23 points and came back to cut it to 4 at halftime. Probably a #fakerally.
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    3/5 Games

    And Kenrick Nunn's college career comes to an end in a 1 point loss. Oakland led 23 - 11 with about 6:30 left in the first half and only scored 20 points the remaining 26:30 of the game.
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    Illinois-Iowa Animated GIFs

    And usually an and 1 after two steps in the lane after the bump.
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    Trent Frazier named to B1G All-Freshman Team

    Also voted Defensive POY. Jackson is a great one and done type player, and I may be bias, but I think Frazier got hosed for FOY.