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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    he should consider playing for the coach who when at wisconsin took on a QB transfer by the name of russell wilson and coached him to B1G QB of the year and 3rd round NFL draft pick. one of the best QB-transfer success stories
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    Cincinnati 71, Illinois 51 Postgame

    still think the talent is there to be a good team at some point, but we are definitely not that right now. hope there’s no deeper issues other than just adjusting to life post-Ayo
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Cincinnati

    have to wonder if these team has deeper issues. they don’t seem to be playing for each other, lacking in effort..
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    Marquette 67, Illinois 66 Postgame

    sign off for the night boys. let’s have some rational discussion later this week. ILL
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Marquette

    frazier drilling back to back 3s announcer: “…but will curbelo ever learn…” get off it man, we get it.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    I maybe understood camps telling a kid that wanted to commit to ILL to "wait" when we were bad, but i think we are past this now. If you are being told to wait to commit to a program that you love that looks to be in position to be a top 10 program moving forward and at least in the immediate...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    have to imagine that having TA in his ear as he develops can only help. wouldn't expect a JR-like plateau
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    I know this video leaves a lot to be desired but you can clearly see the potential. He could end up being our long sought after consensus 5*. Welcome MJ
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    Illinois 101, St. Francis (IL.) 34 Exhibition Postgame

    16min highlight video shows almost every basket i think
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    Kofi first team preseason AP all-american link
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    Illinois 20, Penn State 18 9OT Postgame

    was there, will post video of final play tomorrow. amazing game, small but passionate illini section
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    Pregame: Illinois at Penn State, Saturday, October 23rd, 11:00am CT, ABC

    anyone else going to be at the game saturday?