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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Miller and Curbelo came into a situation with two Senior starters, an All American Junior starter and an All American Sophomore starter. That is a SIGNIFICANTLY different situation than these two freshmen, who aren't as highly regarded as Curbelo and Miller were. If Kofi doesn't come back...
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    Looking ahead to 2021-2022

    Payne is a proven and productive big man? What had he proved and what was his production? 3.8 PPG 3.2 RPG 15 Minutes per Game Trying to understand your take in him.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Here's the Kool-Aid. I'm all over it, but the thought of Goode and Melendez being key contributors on a good team, as freshmen, seems remote. If Kofi comes back....he in conjunction with Curbelo, different story.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    With each miss, I keep seeing.....onto the next and onto the next again. If we lose Kofi and as of today, it's still an if....we will have lost all five starters from the beginning of the season (Ayo, Frazier, Williams, Kofi, Miller) and a top reserve. If we want to mark Grandison as a starter...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    I agree. I know that stars and offer lists aren't everything, but I'd love some intel as to why people think that he's going to hit the national radar?
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    Baylor 86, Gonzaga 70

    They didn't have anywhere close to the athletes that Baylor had. Baylor dominated both boards and got pretty much any shot they wanted.
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    Adam Miller enters transfer portal

    When the NCAA allowed this, you knew it was going to be the wild west. We're not immune. Hopefully he's the only one.
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    3/30 Games

    I now feel better.
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    3/30 Games

    Yes, I do: Indiana UCLA Rutgers Michigan P.s....I totally just looked it up. You make a good point.
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    3/30 Games

    The fact that we may be the only #1 seed to make the Final Four.... actually past the first weekend continues to make me sad. How many times are we going to hear that on these broadcasts....
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    3/27 Games

    I was totally bummed out when we lost last week. Now, after watching that did we lose to those guys?
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    NCAA Tournament

    The Big Ten had two # 1's and two #2's. There is no rational reason to potentially(up to Michigan at this point) not have ONE team out if nine make it to the Sweet 16. With all due respect to Oral Roberts and North Texas, the argument that a #15 seed and a #13 seed were unfavorable matchups is...
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    3/22 Games

    This might be the most disasterous post season in Big Ten history, regardless of sport. They were viewed as the best conference in the country, got nine teams in the tournament, two #1's, two #2's, a #4 all based on conference reputation. It's becoming a very real scenario that not one team is...
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    Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

    There were three tbugaboos that haunted us much of the year and that we knew could ultimately lead to our demise: 1)Turnovers and not taking care of the ball. 2)Free throw shooting 3)Slow starts We got away with them at some points and we didn't at others. It seemed like we had established...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Loyola Chicago

    Remove "prepared" and your comment is spot on.