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    Illini in the NBA

    Wow Ayo had 42 minutes - most on the team
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    Illini in the NBA

    No question. Playing 20+ minutes in a WIN against the #1 team in the East and dropping 11. So impressed with him
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    Illini in the NBA

    Nice! Much better than the one they made for Brandon Paul lol
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    12/3 Games

    Didn't realize equality was so political 🙄. Agree on point #1 though 🤝
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    Illini in the NBA

    Yeah absolutely after watching mostly college ball it's interesting to see how regimented some NBA offenses are. Roles that very well defined and segmented. It's a bit more predictable but more of a well-oiled machine and it's fun to watch teams operate at such a high level
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    11/30 Games

    Wow when I went to bed last night I assumed that Ohio State lost. Good for them
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    11/30 Games

    Exactly why we *might* have a fight on our hands lol
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    11/30 Games

    Rutgers (#93 kenpom) is going to beat Clemson (#45 kenpom). We might have a fight on our hands on Friday.
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    11/24 Games

    Thought it was interesting that Michigan St. is playing Loyola Chicago in the battle 4 Atlantis right now. And so far they're getting rolled - Loyala's up 34-23 early in the 2nd half. For matchup context, Mich St. Is 21st in Kenpom while Loyola is 34th - two pretty strong teams so far
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Cincinnati, Monday, November 22nd, 5:30pm CT, ESPNews

    Be sure to skip the posts where I said it'd be a lock that'd we'd win by double digits 😅
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Insane that they didn't overturn that catch ruling
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    NIL Discussion

    I think it's less of a personality thing and more about understanding what makes good content and being able to deliver that content on a consistent basis. Doing so takes a lot of time and effort to plan varied content, edit videos, engaging with the audience across all platform, etc. There are...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Let's GOOOOOOOOOO. Most understated announcement of all time - didn't even think it was a commitment tweet at first lol
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Shhhh don't say that so loud Ty might be listening 🤫
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    Marquette 67, Illinois 66 Postgame

    You know you can't just extrapolate one example to try and prove a general point right? I guaranteed we'd win by double digits in the game thread yet me saying "bad losses are bad for seeding" is what gets the most negative response??