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    Illinois 73, Syracuse 44 Postgame

    Noice, elite. Up next - beat MD.
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    Illinois 92, Lindenwood 59 Postgame

    Hard to believe 7 games have come and gone already. There were a lot of pros and cons about this game - way to go RJ, clean it up CH. If the TOs were cut in half, we would have topped 100 pretty easily. Beat Syracuse, I-L-L...
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    Virginia 70, Illinois 61 Postgame

    Discouraged, but the season was bound to be filled with ups and downs, so optimism abounds. Press forward and learn from the experience - I-L-L.
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    Illinois 79, UCLA 70 Postgame

    Great game, now beat VA on Sunday! BTW, was there something wrong with Ty Rodgers playing only 7 minutes? Probably was discussed somewhere within 17 pages back, just need updated, hoping he's ok.
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    Illinois 103, Monmouth 65 Postgame

    Good showing, yet really, really have to cleanup the personal fouls and turnovers going forward. Nice game for TSJ and JE - I-L-L.
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    Illinois 86, Kansas City 48 Postgame

    Great game for Dainja and Epps, nice to have so much team diversity. Elite congrats to last year's team on the banner and ring ceremony - ILL.
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    Illinois 87, Eastern Illinois 57 Postgame

    Wow, was that a fast paced game! Dainja and Harris will be essential in the future, so please, no injuries to anyone on the team.
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    Illini Basketball Uniforms

    DT has a killer-look in the pic and in that uniform, noice. His record of being the Illini all-time leading scorer may stay in-place for a long, long time with portal moves and players leaving early, but we'll see.
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    Illinois 87, Quincy 52 (Exhibition) Postgame

    How many current NBA players do the underhand style?
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    Illinois 87, Quincy 52 (Exhibition) Postgame

    Watching and implementing Durant's FT form might be an asset to Dain.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Anything news-worthy on Perrin's weekend visit?
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Quincy (Exhibition), Friday, October 28th, 7:00pm CT, B1G+

    Hope to hear updates on what he's been up to the last few weeks, i.e., doing lots of practice sessions, hitting the weights, etc., in preparation to join the rest of the Illini team soon.
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    Luke Goode suffers foot injury

    Here's hoping Luke heals quickly and can come to the team soon. And if not, this would be the time to consider maybe a red shirt year if things don't work out as well as it was hoped to be.
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    Illini Basketball 2022-2023

    What was the approximate starting year for the calculation of this?
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    Here's the scoop...