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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2021)

    There is no way Ayo will be back next year , we better savor the moment.
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    The Illinois Coaching Staff Search

    I enjoy reading all comments and speculation so thank you all for those. Hope all have a happy and safe new year .
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    The Illinois Coaching Staff Search

    I totally understand what your saying but it seems like the same people are always beating the horse. Just started the healing process and the wound can not scab over before some pick it again. I have always appreciated other peoples opinions but some don't let it go .
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    Illini Football 2021

    Great news , i am starting to feel like i did before this season started .... Hopefully with a very improved result !
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    Bret Bielema Intro Press Conference

    I can say I definitely that I wasn't sure Bret was the one . But between the call to the Jacksonville coach and his interviews / pressers . I am on board and ready to watch some emotion on the sidelines again !
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    Looking ahead to 2020

    Beh Beh returning g next year according to tweet
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Thats what I'm talking about ! Santa is here today , in orange and blue!
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    For a small class , pretty happy with the results so far . Realistic expectations never let you down!
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    Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, October 5th, 2:30pm CT, BTN

    Anyone having the same dish issues ? How can I watch the game when its blacked out on dish
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    Illini Football 2019

    This is the same NCAA that we were so eager to please by removing the Chief!
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    Illini Basketball 2018-2019

    i have never seen so many "fans" go south so quick . Top 25 recruiting class and still a stink hole. I would much rather watch this team play Underwood's game than any of Groce's teams , so much more fun and hustle. Relax , watch a few games before you start running to the bomb shelter's !
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Whose next ? Who wants some more Littyville ?
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2017)

    Before someone comments on this , yes, I have not posted before but could not sit quiet on this . Are you kidding me , after pulling out this years class and having 2 recruits go elsewhere this is how you think ? Whats next fire them before they even coach 1 Illini game ? Give the guys a...