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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2021)

    The life of following recruiting as an Illinois fan as I've experienced for the last 15ish years. We're in really good position with all these top guys We're going to get these top guys Something happened at the last second, we're no longer getting these top guys Don't worry though, we're in on...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Drexel, Friday, March 19th, 12:15pm CT, TBS

    This is perfect for us 2nd shifter! I was praying for an early session.
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    Ayo Dosunmu & Kofi Cockburn Named Sporting News All-Americans

    Wait, doesn't missing 3 games automatically give you awards?
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    Will the game directly before our's ever finish on time?
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

    Did they just show a graphic on the screen showing Illinois' tournament resume and listing our SOS as 102?
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    UIUC Tales

    I had quite a few big lectures with both basketball and football players but my favorite was a small summer class in 2010. It was public speaking and we had a debate tournament and the winner got a grade bump on our next speech. I beat Joelil Thrash in round 1 by debating the color red over...
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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    I'm all in on the script Illinois or Illini on the helmets. Classic look that not more than than a few other D1 teams have. I agree that we need a consistent look as well, something we wear 80-90% of the time, especially the helmets as that's the most visible feature of a uniform. Change the...
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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    I hate the white block I helmets but those script ones are fantastic
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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    All I ask is no more white pants, home, road, ever. White pants are for teams with only 1 primary color, and it doesn't make you "look faster". This is the hill I choose to die on.
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    The Illinois Football Coaching Search

    Until he shows up on tic tok at Kappa Alpha Theta in a Giuliani Borat 2 type scenario
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    The Illinois Football Coaching Search

    Would certainly help with recruiting
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    The Illinois Football Coaching Search

    Partially haha, I do love a good Groucho reference. But I wouldn't be making this argument if he was still in college ball though. He's in the NFL, if he really wanted to get back into college coaching he has the luxury of being able to pick his spot. If he was sought after at all by any...
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    The Illinois Football Coaching Search

    We're so thirsty to be mediocre that Bielema will always do just well enough to never get fired. He'll go 4-8 to 7-5 every year with the occasional 8 win year to keep us hoping. And for that people will want a statue of this oaf. If he's so good how are we even able to get him? Everyone...
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    The Illinois Football Coaching Search

    And has just about every high level donor willing to make either of them the highest paid coach in the B1G, because that's where the conversation would have to begin with either of them. And even then they still might not return the call.