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    Illini Football 2021

    I would guess only for new season ticket holders yes, since they let people roll over their payments from last year due to no fans.
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    1/10 Games

    Minnesota making it a bit closer of a game
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    Glossary of Common Loyalty Phrases

    ThaKid, a legendary poster who had the orangest of orange tinted glasses and drank the orangest of Kool-aid. Repeadetly banned for his outlandish thoughts on Illinois Football and the Rose Bowls and Heismans to come to them. Most active during the Zook years. Member since January 2012 but...
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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    I just want the uniforms that willini mocked up a few years back.
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    Coaching Discussion/Carousel

    Derek Mason let go by Vandy, so another Power 5 job will be open
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    2 B1G teams go down today with Maryland and Michigan losing. Wisconsin and Indiana both play tomorrow to round out the round of 32.
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    The Kingfisher

    Thing this is another bad idea from student government. They always seem to be trying to get a mascot when they aren't even involved in school athletics... My preference is no mascot anyways. I am a Packers fan and they don't have a mascot and it doesn't take anything away from gameday in my...
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, spent 4 years at U of I, then got a job in Rockford and now live in Central Florida
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    Redbox Bowl Pregame: Illinois vs Cal, Monday, December 30th, 3:00pm CT, FOX

    Just booked my flights, going out for the game!
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    Bowl Projections

    Thinking we may get a good crowd for the game. Lots of west coast Illini will go I would imagine, I know I will be looking to go if its in Cali
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    How to watch the Illini

    I have YoutubeTV and then Philo for Hallmark Channel, A&E, and History Channel. Philo has some overlap but at only $20 per month I'm still saving getting both over what I was paying for cable.
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    Illinois vs Michigan (Oct. 12): 11:00am CT, ABC

    Only going to the Michigan and Wisconsin games this year and was hoping at least one of them was going to be a 2:30 kick, but I guess that's a sign of how we haven't lived up to expectations this year.
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    Illinois Football Uniforms

    Agreed, this was always my go to when playing NCAA
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    Italy Tour

    There is no direct flight from Chicago to any of the airports in Milan. I assume they are flying American and would rather connect in the states than in Europe somewhere. The reason why I would go through Miami would be for the extra miles so that could be it too.
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    How to watch the Illini

    I recently moved out of B1G country and as a result of exorbinant fees charged by the cable service where I moved to get BTN we decided to cut the cord. Based on what we watched and prices we decided to go with Youtube TV (best selection of channels for the price) and Philo TV (gets us A&E...