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    Illini in the NBA

    What's funny to me is that both the #2 and #1 on the top 10 would of been charges had the defenders not had a foot in the restricted area under the basket. Just found that funny. Great dunks by both.
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    Illinois 72, Kansas State 64 Postgame

    Plummer was just lights out. I was hoping he would get 2 more 3's for the school record. (I think they said 8 is the record?) Curbelo was better even though I was still yelling a few times to "KICK IT OUT!" when he had players open on the wings as he drove towards/around the hoop. Kofi being...
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    Marquette 67, Illinois 66 Postgame

    I'm sorry only thing I'm going to say on this game... Bench Curbelo against Cincy.. ball hogging thinking he's the man and can do it all. Give me a f'n break.
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    Week 11 Games

    They somehow remembered they were Indiana Football and started to play appropriately.
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    Illinois 101, St. Francis (IL.) 34 Exhibition Postgame

    That reminds me of Bird. Larry Legend did that pass a lot in his career along with a lot of other amazing passes.
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    Preseason Polls - Illinois #11 in AP Poll

    I'm kind of surprised Baylor is below us. Did Baylor lose quite a few players from last year?
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    I know this kept calling Lieb a redshirt-FR .. but wasn't last year a free year and should still technically have a redshirt still available?
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    I don't care how much experience our OL has.. they suck
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs UTSA

    yes i'm just frustrated.. but damn can someone msg me in a few years when BB has his own recruits in their? Thanks.. (I'll be back next week ofc.. but grrrrr this is so adpfasd;flkjasdf)
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs UTSA

    well at least I got to watch a good PSU vs Wisky game..
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    Week 1 Games

    Holy crap the NW Kittens run defense is horrible.