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    Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

    Porter came prepared for the test. Underwood shrugged his shoulders and said we'll see what happens. Well something happened.
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    Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

    bold: This doesn't make much sense in terms of script. What's "old, dead" and bygone is the material used.
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    Maryland 75, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    Giorgi shouldn't take a page out of Jesse Lingard.
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    Illini Volleyball 2018

    Hopefully in less than seven years.
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    Illini Volleyball 2018

    Illinois is like the Cubs of college sports. Someday.
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    Illini Volleyball 2018

    Why's that? I don't follow volleyball recruiting that much so I'm unaware of what states and regions are fertile with talent, or are targets.
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    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    Gotta admit The Zooker has Lovie beaten in the the recruiting department.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Saturday, October 20th, 11:00am CT, FS1

    The defense might as well not show up. They need to keep indoors and get their GPA up.
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    Basketball Uniforms

    As a student the block is getting darn boring to wear. There's only so much apparel I can take with it on before it becomes too repetitive and, well, stale. If my wallet had a mouth it would reject most of the apparel sold save for a few. I agree with the poster who said to keep the Flyin'...
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    War Chant has been retired

    Which makes the hunt for cultural appropriation even more ridiculous. It never ends. Why should I, or anyone, take these hunters seriously?
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    Coaching Carousel

    1. Good for Dee. 2. I don't know much about McClain besides a gathering a few impressions from a post-game interview a couple of years ago. He comes across as an erudite man and keeps perspective well (at the time UIC were losing game after game). 3. I have ties to UIC so I find this cool.
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    War Chant has been retired

    No one said history was going to change. Tell that to both sides. Let's be consistent.
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    War Chant has been retired

    Reasoning goes that the song is not authentic; it did not originate from an actual Native American chant. Since it was made up by two white dudes (the words of what I've read from one anti War Chant person), the chant being their idea of what a Native American war chant is, it pushes a...
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    War Chant has been retired

    Stranger Things. :D
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    War Chant has been retired

    Last year I made a thread about the possibility of the banning of musical pieces given the trend to engage in a witch hunt for all things deemed offensive in college athletics. I was dismissed. People said that the music the Marching Illini wouldn't be touched. Now look.