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    1/10 Polls - Illinois #25 in AP Poll

    Find somebody who loves you as much as Andy Katz loves a Brad Underwood Illini squad.
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    Interestingly enough, playing with fouls was revisited in the most recent hoopvision newsletter. He also links to his previous writing on the topic and some pomeroy data. For those who aren’t familiar with hoopvision, Jordan Sperber was a video guy for New Mexico State and has a YouTube...
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    Barry Lunney Named Illinois Offensive Coordinator and QBs Coach

    @illini0440 said Petersen was first because the the real top options didn’t work out. It would be interesting to know who those other options were to compare to Lunney now.
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    Barry Lunney Named Illinois Offensive Coordinator and QBs Coach

    Having some Texas ties won’t hurt recruiting for sure. UTSA is a close enough drive to some power northern San Antonio area programs that I would assume has to have been around them some.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Nebraska, Tuesday, January 11th, 7:30pm CT, BTN

    I understood you. Which gives me I hope I can grow up to be like you one day big dog.
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    Illinois 76, Maryland 64 Postgame

    From what I remember of last year, the second game back from COVID pauses was the hardest for a lot of teams. I know Baylor lost their second game back and a couple other high level teams I can’t remember did as well. Even on a personal level my high school was awful in their 2nd game back...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    IMO Tony Bradley is longer, more athletic, and a better shot blocker than Kofi. And keep in mind I’m measuring those abilities relative to NBA athletes, and kofi vs college. And Tony Bradley doesn’t even play a lot. That projects unfortunately for Kofi. I do think Kofi has more offensive...
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    12-team playoff not a done deal

    It won’t be an upset.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Maryland, Thursday, January 6th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

    Don’t forget the onslaught of midrange pullups.
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    NFL Thread 2021-2022

    I read a rumor, not sure if it was here or somewhere else, that Pace had an agreement to bring someone in as HC when he was hired, but was told to hire someone else when he got there. Idk if it’s true but I could definitely believe it because it’s about terrible decision making by bears upper...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Maryland, Thursday, January 6th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

    If we take out those no kofi games, and we used our numbers from those only, I wonder where we’d land. Just for relevance because obviously with kofi that’s the team we are, and we were just doing what we had to do those first 3.
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    Illinois OC Search

    BB lives at second and chalmers confirmed
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    Illinois OC Search

    Legit question: is he firing his OC if we’re 7-5 cause we go for it on a couple 4th and inches in plus field position for the game?
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    Illini in the NBA

    Sesc already went over the differences looking at +/- by game vs the season. My favorite way to look at it is lineup over the course of the season. Sometimes it’s interesting to see differences and a lineup you didn’t expect is actually way better for you than you expected.
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    Illini in the NBA

    I know it sucks cause we’re biased and love Ayo, but your best players take most of the shots in every level of basketball, especially late when you need buckets. It’s why Ayo did that for us here.