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    Mid-1980s pizza place on Green

    Little Willies thick and cheesy at the Illini Inn was my fav.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Ohio State

    Ref Kelly Pfeifer is at it again taking over with multiple whistles on he did when we played at Indiana. OSU has shot twice as many free throws as the Illini.
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    Dan Dakich

    Oh no...I was so looking forward to Dan Jockitch calling Kofi, Ayo again during the Michigan game. Lol
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    2/8 Polls - Illinois #6 in AP Poll

    How many years has it been since Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and Louisville have all been unranked at the same time?
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    Grand Canyon game (Nov. 8th)

    It is going to be carried on WCIX in Central Illinois (not WCIA)
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    Minnesota 40, Illinois 17 POSTGAME

    Buh Bye Lovie....take your defense and move on. Next...