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    Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan, Friday, January 14th, 8:00pm CT, FS1

    I have a strong feeling he pronounced it incorrectly on purpose....just like when Izzo pronounced Ayo incorrectly after the injury. No way they don't know how to pronounce Kofi and Ayo. Just trying to be disrespectful.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Anyone know the reason Ayo’s banner says 2019-2021 instead of 2018-2021?
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    Kofi Cockburn in the transfer portal

    Do we know what time the announcement is on Friday? I'm assuming no
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    2021 NBA Draft

    Does anyone know how much the BTT hat and piece of net went for?
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    Potential Rule Changes for 2021-22

    Did they test any of these rules in the NIT this year?
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    Thank You

    Thank you to the amazing young men of this team and to the entire coaching staff and athletic department that put their heart and soul into this season. I will forever fiercely defend the power of this team and the character of its players. Even if we win the national title next year (fingers...
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    NCAA Tournament

    Sorry if this was already discussed but will final four tickets go on sale to the general public? Does anyone know when?
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    Illinois-Nebraska Game Postponed

    Is there any updated news on how the conference is planning to reschedule these games?