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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 1st)

    Kofi did pass out more toward the end of the year. But it seemed to me to be a decision he made before he even got the ball, and not one based on what the defense was defending that particular entry. I hope he gets better at making that decision. The will is there, I think!
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    Adam Miller enters transfer portal

    But there was no rule barring him from talking about that, right? I took his comment as meaning he had something that he couldn't talk about.
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    Adam Miller enters transfer portal

    I thought he was one of the few options that seemed to work against Loyola. I yelled at the screen he got taken off the court near the end, and can't help wonder if that was a final straw for him (or his advisors).
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2021)

    I know this is an unpopular opinion here, but my hope is that when it comes down to the last shot, our opponents won't know who is going to take that last shot.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Loyola Chicago, Sunday, March 21st, 11:10am CT, CBS

    You mean the MichiganStateSpartansPresentedbyRocketMortgage.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Drexel, Friday, March 19th, 12:15pm CT, TBS

    Bill Murray, we would love to see you again!
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    Illinois 91, Ohio State 88 OT Postgame

    And yes, I said the same thing about Jordan back in the day.
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    Illinois 91, Ohio State 88 OT Postgame

    I was thinking the same thing. In the OSU game, my recollection is that they were defending him tight starting five feet beyond the arc, and had TWO defenders coming up to double or triple him once he got to the three-point line, Ayo taking an undefended thee from five feet beyond the arc is a...
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    NCAA Tournament

    Baylor. When BU was interviewed a couple weeks OK, he seemed to be hinting he wanted a rematch. He talked about Miller making a ton of defensive mistakes in that first game, mistakes that he no longer makes now.
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    3/15 Polls - Illini #2 In AP & Coaches Poll

    Playing 4 out of 5 against top 10 teams has to be very rare.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Ohio State, Sunday, March 14th, 2:30pm CT, CBS

    3 overall is fine by me. Want the Gonzaga game to be the championship game. Take down an undefeated team in the championship game? Yes, please.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Ohio State, Sunday, March 14th, 2:30pm CT, CBS

    I contend that the correct analogy is Batman and Superman, but OK.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Iowa, Saturday, March 13th, 2:30pm CT, CBS

    And imagine what happens if we beat Iowa today and Michigan tomorrow!
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Rutgers, Friday, March 12th, 5:30pm CT, BTN

    Too bad about the SpartansPresentedbyRocketMortgages šŸ˜—. I was kind of hoping to get a rematch with them this year. I love saying their new name! I think recruits will have thoughts about it, too, and I intend to do my best to make sure no one forgets it! Good luck next year...
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    Michigan clinches Big Ten title

    Or just "first place". And listing us in second "+" 0.5 games back is a travesty. It makes it look as though we were half a game back, not half a game ahead. If we're listed second, it has to stated that we were NEGATIVE games back. Edit:everybody beat me to the second point.