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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    I certainly don't. We play them in 3 years.
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    Coaching Carousel

    That place brings back memories, but it is not what was referenced. Similar branding though. See
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    Coaching Carousel

    He could also just use the COVID year and come back for yet another year as a walk-on, right? It’d be an “inexpensive way to ‘add a coach,’” while still allowing us to year the GA position (if we have one open) to bring a different perspective.
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    Coaching Carousel

    RIP :cry:
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    Coaching Carousel

    Or 4 😉
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    Adam Miller transfers to LSU

    This part is no longer true. Now, even if you're on campus, you only need to show a negative test to enter campus buildings. If you're just taking all online classes from your apartment, you might never need to get tested. There's no testing protocol noncompliance issue with Miller hanging out...
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    NCAA Tournament

    Not quite. Morehead State repping the entire state of Kentucky this year!
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    Illinois 74, Wisconsin 69 Postgame

    If you're going to arbitrarily increase/decrease stats as you see fit, than you need to bump up Andre's assists numbers a ton. His passing skills and ability to see the floor, break down defenses extends way beyond his assist numbers. Many of his best passes/reads are of the hockey assist variety.
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    Illini Tennis

    I know spring sports got a free year of eligibility from last year. I'm not sure if they get another or not.
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    Ayo Dosunmu suffers facial injury

    Maybe an overreaction, but that's shameful if this part's true. How is that even possible? We can't get one from Carle? The College of Engineering can't 3-D print one?
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    2/7 Games

    Disagree. It's a free year for him eligibility wise. He gets to face better competition both in games and in practice while having access to better weight training and nutrition. Especially with how different high school basketball -- and high school generally -- is this year (though maybe not...
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    Northwestern game

    Not the coaches (at least at U of I). In person DIA staff was just recently given the option to get the vaccine.
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    Illini Volleyball

    Somewhat confusingly the Gatorade National Volleyball player of the Year award is not always given to the #1 recruit in the country. I don't mean to diminish the honor, but it involves a more holistic evaluation, taking into account high schools stats, service, personality and whatever else. It...
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    The Illinois Coaching Staff Search

    Wofford is FCS, not G5. Albeit a good one as far as I know.
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    12/12 Games

    I'll always love Alan. I'm not saying that he was, but when Mizzou was depantsing us last year, he seemed to be the only player that cared. I also think he's a huge loss for this team. Not that he doesn't have his faults, but I think Alan would've grabbed a few of those second half Baylor rebounds.