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    Bowl Projections

    I'm in the anywhere but NY camp myself. I was at the game at Wrigley and there is a reason why NFL teams don't play in baseball stadium anymore. It is not a good fit and the site lines are awful no matter how hallowed the halls are (wrigley and not yankee stadium :)). These kids deserve to go...
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    Bowl Projections

    I would give anything to get this team to head back down to FL for a bowl game. I've been down here over twenty years and so far only have a Micron PC bowl (which we did win) to show for it. Anywhere south of the FL/GA line and I'm there.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Anymore news on Ford?
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    Lovie Smith receives 2-year contract extension through 2023

    I was in the stands on Senior day (first time on campus in almost 20 years). Traveled with my son from sunny and warm South Florida to campus so he would get a tour of the engineering school, see and hear all my stories from my time at my alma mater (with a few of my old friends), and go on an...
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    Penn State 63, Illinois 24 POSTGAME

    If Franklin really looked up to Lovie then he shouldn't have run up the score at the end. When up big you stop throwing the ball. Very bushleague moves there at the end and further erodes any respect I have for PSU. Other than that, the officiating on the field and commentary in the booth was...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs USF

    i personally witnessed last year's game in Tampa. I so wish i could have switched to this one instead. I can't wait for the second half. We need to just keep pounding the rock and wear this team down.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs USF

    i don't know when it can be said that our special teams are actually special. haven't seen that sine the pre-zook days
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    Mike Dudek out for season

    My son plays slot receiver and is definitely not the tallest or strongest out there and has really looked up to Mike for all he has done and given. It is such a shame to see his career end this way. I just hope my son can be half the player he was for the short time he was able to be. We are...
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    B1G Media Rights / Comcast / Conference Realignment

    I love the fact that I can watch the PAC12 Network but lose the BIG10 in the FL market???? this really sucks. I would have left comcast years ago it if wasn't subsidized as part of my HOA fees. Maybe this will put me over the edge. I can only take so much SEC crap down here.
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    Mark Tupper Recognition

    Mark has been my connection to the Illini since I moved to FL 23 years ago. He will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything. You will be greatly missed by all.
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    Pregame: Illinois at USF, Friday, September 15th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN

    I am so stoked that this game is still going to be played. This will be only the second time in 20 years that I'll be able to attend a game here in FL. After the storm we all need something to cheer for so hopefully my family will be able to see a really good game and hopefully the first 3-0...
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    Mark Smith signs with Illinois

    As we have always said, we would rather have players who want to wear the orange and blue then those who only want to be wined and dined to come. Good to have another back court that can measure up to the 2005 team again.
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    Illinois 66, Northwestern 50 POSTGAME

    OUR state OUR team. Let's see how the Chicago sport's writers frame this game. I always love it when we can rain their parade.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November-December 2016)

    I was at Trent's game last night against Palm Beach Central. He is so smooth in the transition game it is scary. Even though he doesn't play point on the team, his vision and passes are very crisp and he sees things other don't. He glides though the air when he cuts into the lane also. I...
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    Illinois 64, VCU 46 POSTGAME

    As someone who was in the stadium, here is my two cents: - The charging calls were horrible. They all happened right in front of me and none should have been called. The fouls to start the second half were seven for us and one for them the first seven minutes. I really thought Groce was...