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    Home of 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Champion Jacob Tucker!
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Sam Vecenie of the Athletic ($$) has him at #24: Calls him a polarizing prospect, NBA evaluators are split on whether his improvement in his shot will continue to...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    What happens when we have a kicker returning punts o_O
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2020)

    Everyone was asking about Hopkins being on campus, was this gif implying that Mac Etienne was on campus?
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2020)

    Just need to say the magic words.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (September 2020)
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Interesting thing I saw on there, positions were noted as Lead Guard, Guard, Wing, Point Forward, Forward, Big. Ayo listed as Guard, Kofi as Big (no surprise there).
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

    Adding 247 composite rating and ranking for those who had them. Found a couple based on assumed spelling mistakes: Isaac McKneely - 6'4" SG - NR Gradey Dick - 6'7" SF - Nat. 24, .9869, 4* Colin Smith - 6'7" SF - Nat. 79, .9335, 4* Cason Wallace - 6'4" SG - NR Joseph Pinion - 6'6" SF - NR...
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    2020 NBA Draft

    Seems that Vecenie left Ayo out of this mock based on his own judgement that Ayo could pull out of the draft after talking with college coaches, and nba coaches and executives. Was among a group of players that he left out based on that judgement.
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    Adam Miller signs with Illinois

    5 Stars by conference: ACC (7) Duke - 3, UNC - 3, Florida State - 1 SEC (7) Kentucky - 3, Tennessee - 2, LSU - 1, Auburn - 1 Big 12 (3) Oklahoma State - 1, Kansas - 1, Texas - 1 Pac 12 (3) Stanford - 1, Arizona State - 1, USC - 1 Other (1) Gonzaga - 1 G-League / Pro - 3 One more is...
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    Kofi Cockburn declares for NBA Draft

    Very puzzling what Ayo's negative momentum could be...
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    Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

    Makes sense on the players that have joined up so far. Looks like LaTulip is the one putting it all together and will be acting as a coach.
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    Adam Miller signs with Illinois

    Large part has to do that they have one more player in their class. Say we hypothetically get a guy like Etienne or Weston to commit and reclass, a rough estimate would move us to #5 nationally and #1 in the big ten. I estimated this by adding a player with as close to the same composite rating...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2020)

    Everything is fine, goodnight