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    Coaching Carousel

    It's like deja vu all over again
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    Coaching Carousel

    Looks like Gonzaga's Tommy Lloyd will be the new Arizona coach
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    Thank You

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    NCAA Tournament

    Don't forget, Roger Powell Jr is a Gonzaga coach!
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    NCAA Tournament

    And if they don't have a shot at the rim to take, they'll often kick out for a 3 (plus the 3s they take in transition) 3 point shooting for the Zags: Kispert - 44.4% Ayayi - 39.7% Suggs - 35.4% Nembhard - 34.2%
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    NCAA Tournament

    Sorry, I meant my personal opinion is a Zags/Illini matchup is a pickem. Timme is great, but he can't play the whole game and none of their other big guys are ready. Other than Timme in the paint, the Zags rely on a lot of transition offense and 3s and I think we can defend both well. I don't...
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    NCAA Tournament

    Fivethirtyeight odds They've got Gonzaga with a 27% chance of winning it all, Illini at 15% ETA: I think this is because the Zags have an easier path, not because they're a better team. I think it's a pickem between the 2 of us.
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    Illinois 91, Ohio State 88 OT Postgame

    I think I had a few heart attacks, but they held on...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Ohio State

    Let's just play so well that the refs don't matter
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    Championship Week 2021 Thread

    Bama and LSU going down to the wire, Bama up 2 with 2:14 left (Warning: Dickie V)
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    Highest Torvik Thrill Quotient I've ever seen!
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    Illinois 90, Rutgers 68 Postgame

    It said Session 5, guessing it's like a pass showing he belongs there.