1/30 Weekday Games

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That's funny. At least he doesn't pronounce soph-O-more. It's not genrational (I'm older than him). My dad's best was that smoke stack on the side of your house,..he called it a chimley.
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Wisconsin scored 43 points in the first half? My word. Michigan trying to win in Chicago.
NW playing like the beloved,jacking up bunch of 3’s that wasn’t going in.


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Kitty kats successfully working on their 5th conference loss - bye bye!

You would think that if whisky can maintain a double digit lead until the end, and we swept them, that we can then beat OSU by at least one when we visit them? It would be nice.
I'm interested in the Santa Clara vs Gonzaga game tonight. We should see what Podz and the Broncos really have.


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That was a flop and the O$U coach got ejected for horrible big ten refs
John Higgins used to ref the B$G years ago
Haven't seen him in a while, but he's as bad if not worse than before
Courtney Green just allowed a flop by Wahl.
I don't blame Holtzman for getting ejected...I wouldn't want to coach with these refs and his terrible team playing like crap

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