11/30 Games

Maybe you started watching Illini basketball during the end of the Weber years? Because from where I stand:

Historically, we’ve always recruited well, regardless of the strength of the conference. Some of our best seasons have come in years when the conference is down.

Of course, you’re free to root for whoever you’d like, but B1G teams performing well, does not help us.

Look at Alabama, in the SEC, recruiting very well, yet in a poor conference.

Memphis recruits incredibly well in a small conference. So does Gonzaga.

Tennessee recruits well in the SEC as well.

I could go on & on.

Other B1G teams losing non-con games does not impact our ability to recruit well or get high seeds in the tournament.
I’ve been watching Illinois BB for 30 years. At least 1/2 that time we didn’t make the tournament. Being part of the BIG is one of the greatest selling points for our program. A good team from a weak conference is the exception to the rule. I do not consider any P5 school plus the Big East to be a weak conference. Memphis is a weird animal formerly in CUSA which was a decent basketball conference. Also, Penny can straight ‘cruit
The B1G will be just fine without me supporting Indiana. Maybe I'll root for them vs. Iowa or scUM. It's more likely that I won't watch or care.
Lol. I support your right to root for whatever team you choose. This is America! I am simply making the point that you are rooting against what is in the best interest of the beloved.


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Odd irony here if Jackson State beats Marquette.
Man, Purdue is for real. It was nice spanking them for a couple years but we won’t be very close this year.
Rutgers (#93 kenpom) is going to beat Clemson (#45 kenpom). We might have a fight on our hands on Friday.
Zed Key is the real deal. Thought he was a good post as a freshman but he's dominating vs one of the top 5 frontcourts in the country

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Man, good defensive adjustments by the buckeyes. Forced Duke to take rushed and unsettled shots. Great redounding and doubling up at key moments. Very impressed!