12-team playoff not a done deal

I'm in favor of 12 teams, and I love the proposed format.....using home field for at least one round of the play-offs. And it absolutely provides the best shot for Bielema and the Illini to take part in a national championship playoff.

At issue for me is the fair distribution of "invitations" to play in the 12-team tourney. I'd go with something like this:

* The five Power 5 champions
* The top ranked Group of 5 team
* And then six at-large bids --- but perhaps capping the number of teams from any single league at 3 or 4
* Notre Dame simply needs to be ranked in the Top 10-12 each year to make it

It would add so much excitement to the program to be in the PLAYOFF CONVERSATION during our late October and November games!!!
I think tOSU's Gene Smith has it right --let the current contract run out and price it in tiered pieces. There will be more competition for the rights, and it puts ESPN-SEC in a tougher position. There's a LOT of money involved, and going to a 12 team format that has no counter-balance to the SEC's power should be a no-go. An 8 team format would be a huge bargaining chip to hold against the SEC.

"SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, a key member of the CFP expansion working group, maintains the league did not contact Texas and Oklahoma". While it may not have been direct, I'm highly skeptical of that statement. I wouldn't rule it out, but I can imagine a lot of white lie in it. Even if it is true, it was done secretly, which I'm sure ticked off pretty much every other conference, and takes away the trust that the 12 team format was done in good faith.
Will the Big 10 and Pac-12 dig in to have the Rose Bowl traditional tie in and January 1 date?
What nonsense. There's more money to be made in premium seating playing it at the new Rams and Chargers stadium in prime time the first Saturday of the new year. That's a no-brainer, you absolutely have to do that.