2022 Chicago White Sox

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Need to get some guys back - hard when you’re missing 2 of your top 3 starters, a key reliever, and an above average everyday player. Probably 4 of our top 15 overall guys; only the dodgers have that type of depth to withstand
The defense really needs to get corrected or they're screwed. It's concerning that the two leaders of this team are the ones who choked the game away with defensive miscues.

This has been a really, really, bad week to say the least.
The defense really needs to get corrected or they're screwed. It's concerning that the two leaders of this team are the ones who choked the game away with defensive miscues.

This has been a really, really, bad week to say the least.
Couldn’t have said it better. There’s no “d” in “white sox“. Tim should’ve held onto that ball.
Eloy carted off the field with what looks like a pretty bad hamstring injury. What exactly does the Sox training staff do? These guys can’t even run to first without going on the IL. 🤡💩
They can't quite stick the landing. It seems they always catch the back of the bag and end up landing awkwardly and injuring themselves.

I can't recall this many injuries that were caused by simply running to first base. That's gotta be a record somewhere.
L. Garcia .098

Grandal .136

Hendriks 6.14 ERA

There are guys walking down 35th Street in Chicago right now that can do better than this.
How on earth do you pitch to Byron Buxton with a base open? His run is irrelevant anyway. But all of that is lost on the dinosaur currently managing the team. Injuries or not, to look this pathetic in every phase of the game is inexcusable.
8 consecutive L's. They can't hit anything right now. 22 runs scored in their last 11 games.

Tim Anderson leads MLB with 7 errors. He may need to see a shrink or something. I don't know what the deal is there.
The Sox won a game!

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The Sox are now 3-9 against the Central after today's loss. 7-11 overall with a tougher road ahead.

May is starting to look like a make-or-break month for the Sox.
Cease put the out in Trout today. Sox pitch two shutouts in a series against a pretty hot lineup. Maybe this is a step towards righting the ship.

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First sweep of the year!

Crosstown Cup still belongs on the Southside.

Thank you for your intelligent ardency. As a Sox fan since 1966, I too mostly suffer for my fandom. So, when is Bummer going to return to the Bummer of 2019 or 2020? And, when can the majority of our batting order be above the Mendoza (.200) line? My goodness, it's Cinco de Mayo! I won't even mention shoddy defense, I promise.

Go Sox!
5 in a row! Sox are back at .500 with a good comeback win today.

They've been pitching their behinds off which has covered up for the cold bats.

Hendriks has 5 saves in 5 straight team games. I think it's safe to say he's back.
Sweeeeeeep! The right color Sox win again!

6 wins in a row and they've scored a whopping total of...20 runs. The bats have to start coming to life.

Moncada and Joe Kelly are joining the club tomorrow! Moncada should help with the offensive struggles and Kelly should only further strengthen an already lights out pen.
I would be surprised if he is anywhere near the rotation by the time the rest of the rotation gets healthy. If he is still in the rotation by the the All Star Break, then he either has thrown less than "2 bad pitches" every outing, or the rest of the rotation is in disarray. An outright release (after the rest of the rotation gets healthy) would be perfectly fine with me, unless some club wants to take him (we will send over a box of balls, given they would be needed).
He Gone.



Tim Anderson went out of today’s game with a groin injury because of course he did. You can probably put this season in the dumpster for good if he’s out for any length of time.
The Chicago White Sox of 2022 is one of the strangest Sox teams in the long and great history of the South Siders.

On their good days... they can compete with the best in MLB and look like a serious contender. And on their bad days... they look like they’ve hardly played the game before.

And the talent level? Lots of talent on this club. But they don’t always look like it.

Injuries? Sure. But that doesn’t explain why this team has been so bad offensively for much of the season. In many games, if they don’t get the long ball they just don’t score at all. These are still major leaguers with bats in their hands who've played this game since they were kids.

The good news is that most of the season is yet to be played and some of the injured players will be back. And the lineup can become more stable.

But the Sox closer has to be much more dependable and less emotional on the field. He may have a list of saves, but he has also been less-than-lockdown in many games as well. Heat over the plate with no motion on it which is quickly turned around and going a long way.

And the Sox have got to learn how to string some hits together and score more runs that way. Too may strikeouts and balls not put in play.

It’s great when the South Side park is rocking with energy. Sox fans are quick to respond to something good.

Let’s hope this team gives Sox Nation plenty of reasons to get exited the rest of the way.
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