2022 Chicago White Sox

Today's game starters (with game ending BAs):

L. Garcia .194
Moncada .138
Grandal .160
McGuire .202
Harrison .167

Composite of All: .172 --- This equates to about 1 hit every 6 ABs.

If these guys get at least 18 total ABs, that equates to 3 hits.

18 ABs is about 6 game innings out of the 9.

So the Sox are handing the opposition 6 innings a game and getting 3 total hits.

And 'injuries' can't be used as an excuse. These guys are all in the Major Leagues and making good money.

Yes, we want all the guys back. But you play what you got and find a way to win.

Hello? White Sox? This is NOT the way to get into the playoffs...
On the plus side, the White Sox schedule from here on out is soft in spots. 16 games left against the Tigers, 11 against the Royals. 7 against the A's. 7 against the Orioles. The remaining games against the A's and Royals are both post All-Star break. They also have 16 games left this season against the Twins so if it comes down to those two for the division (which it probably will), it will at least be decided on the field between those two.
The Hall of Fame Manager will not get fired.

But – just like in the regular corporate World — a leader can resign ‘for the good of the organization’.

There are egos involved here. And The Manager and The Sox Owner have good sized ones. They will not want to make it look like the Manager failed or that fan pressure caused the change.

So if they talk it over and decide that something must be done... they’ll haul out the good-old corporate play book and the Sox PR Department will go to work to make the change look and sound good.

What a train wreck of a season this has been so far. Way too many injures (and THAT needs to get looked in to, and pronto). A dispirited ball club. Frustrated fans.

And a whole year out of the careers of these players that no one get back. And the fans, too.


Rockford, Illinois
Sox showing some life in July. Huge series win in Minnesota. They enter the break at .500 and only 3 games out.
Next series is against second place Cleveland in Chicago. Sox need to keep the momentum going and win that one as well to jump Cleveland and close the gap with the Twins. Go, go, White Sox!
Tim Anderson went out of today’s game with a groin injury because of course he did. You can probably put this season in the dumpster for good if he’s out for any length of time.
Good riddance