2024 Stanley Cup playoffs



Arlington, Virginia
Not being a huge hockey fan, I'm gonna root for the Oilers. But I wouldn't be disappointed if the Panthers win. I guess I'm one of those weirdos who just think that Hockey in the South is bonkers, lol. Living in Phoenix the youth hockey leagues here are/have been fantastic. The Coyotes leaving will be a huge detrimental effect from here on out.

I'm going to retire soon and start a curling league either here in AZ or S Fla.... Anyone want to invest in my speculative venture?????
Well, speaking as a former resident of Alberta and Ontario, I can confirm that you certainly have enough snowbirds there during the winter to cultivate a formidable senior circuit. Life in small-town Saskatchewan and Alberta (and even cities like Calgary and Edmonton) centers on drinking and curling during the long winters.
I just don't see Houston having a franchise. I live here and one is interested in hockey, other than Tillman Fertitta. It's football (in all forms), Astros, Rockets. Never have I heard anyone talking about anything related to hockey.

Well, then we have a new answer: Austin it is! Now a World-Class City and eager for another team to add to the success of the Austin MLS franchise. Already a successful hockey market from being the Dallas Stars farm team. Lots of money and people coming from all over the World to feed an Austin franchise. A built-in base of hockey fans.


St. Peters MO
Every time they say his name, this is all I can think of....

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Way to go, Panthers! One more win yet to go.

That is one great hockey team with a winning system that just deflates and wears down opponents.

The Cup has been in LA. It's been in Anaheim. It's been in Dallas. It's been in Tampa. Now it's time for South Florida. Cool ice hockey in the warm Sunbelt.
An amazing comeback by the Oilers to win three in a row against the Panthers (after being down 3 games to none in the Series) sets up a winner-take-all Final game.

Panthers looked unbeatable for the first three. Oilers were far superior to Florida in the last three. Panthers have scored only five goals in the last three games.

Whatever happens in the final game will be memorable. Either the Oilers come all the way back and win the Cup... or the Panthers will find their game again and win the Shiny Thing in front of the home fans.

Any player would want to be where these teams are right now. One game to win the most famous trophy in sports and become a champion.

Who wants it more? And who can handle the pressure better? We'll see what these guys have inside.
Gotta love a game 7 in hockey

OK Panthers, here’s the deal for tonight...

Have a great hockey showcase of back-and-forth action and spirited chances.

Oilers will carry a 3-2 lead deep into the third period. Panther fans are worried and feeling down. Canada is going wild.

Panthers pull the goalie – and score! with 10 seconds left in regulation.

Place goes nuts. Game heading into overtime. The entire Cup run coming down to last one final goal.

One minute into overtime, Panthers score! Place goes into orbit. Oilers are deflated but gracious in defeat. Warm handshakes all around. Panthers all breathe a huge sigh of relief for not letting this get away from them.

Florida needs to do it tonight. For the last two seasons they have played way deep into the hockey season. After this season they will exhausted and not able to make another strong Cup run next time. And some guys will be playing in new places.

Tonight’s the night. In the immortal words of a great South Florida Sunshine music group from the ‘70s...

“Do a little dance, make a little love
Get down tonight, get down tonight!
Do a little dance, make a little love
Get down tonight, get down tonight!”

And by some chance if you DON’T get it done... well, you’ve still got way better beaches in Florida than Edmonton’s got. And better oranges, too.


Paducah, Ky
What i saw last night was the Panthers getting back to their defense of forechecking and defending the center of the ice that propelled them to wins in the first 3 games of the final and all throughout this playoff season.........they bottled up McDavid after his 2 game stretch of 4 points and didn't allow him much in scoring attempts........

they got just enough offense and Brobovsky returned to his domination of the crease when they most needed it........Playing at home for the final game had to help also..............glad to see a team win their first Stanley Cup that brought back those pleasant memories of the Blues in 2019...........It really really did....................JMHO.................
Thank you Panthers for coming through when all the pressure was on. The first Cup for South Florida.

Credit to the Oilers for making this series not just a rout but a classic right down to the last seconds. Made the victory even sweeter.

Stanley Cup, Game 7. Some of the most beautiful words in sports.

The joy on all those guys faces was contagious. And the love of family which came right through from the family members in the stands to the players on the ice.
And all the Cats fans who now have a great memory in their lives.