3/20 Games

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March Madness Live | NCAA Tournament Bracket

Round of 64 Day 2

5 Colorado vs 12 Georgetown, 11:15am, CBS
4 Florida State vs 13 UNC Greensboro, 11:45am, truTV
3 Kansas vs 14 Eastern Washington, 12:15pm, TBS
8 LSU vs 9 St. Bonaventure, 12:45pm, TNT

1 Michigan vs 16 Texas Southern, 2:00pm, CBS
5 Creighton vs 12 UC Santa Barbara, 2:30pm, truTV
2 Alabama vs 15 Iona, 3:00pm, TBS
6 USC vs 11 Drake, 3:30pm, TNT

2 Iowa vs 15 Grand Canyon, 5:25pm, TBS
7 UConn vs 10 Maryland, 6:10pm, CBS
4 Virginia vs 13 Ohio, 6:15pm, truTV
8 Oklahoma vs 9 Missouri, 6:25pm, TNT

1 Gonzaga vs 16 Norfolk St, 8:20pm, TBS
6 BYU vs 11 UCLA, 8:40pm, CBS
3 Texas vs 14 Abilene Christian, 8:50pm, truTV
7 Oregon vs 10 VCU, 8:57pm, TNT

All times CT
I'm curious to watch the Pac 10 teams today. UCLA and Oregon state looked good their first time out.
UCLA v BYU is a nice match-up of western teams.
It's such a nice feeling to know your squad already handled business and you get to just sit back and watch games all day with that glow. Its been a minute.

Side note: my neighborhood is inundated with Iowa wrestling fans this morning. Dogs and I had to navigate through a lot of black and gold. They were nice though. I'm sporting illini gear today.
Living where I do, I especially would love to see Eastern Washington slip by Kansas today. That would be sweet. Go Eagles!
Anywhere I live, I LOVE to see KU, UK, Duke, and UNC go out in the first round. 2 didn't make it, one down and one to go.
M tipping over
Ooh. Bad foul by Colorado. Someone is getting a flagrant 2.
Eastern Washington looks like a very good rec league team.
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