3/30 Games

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Aurora, IL
My goodness. He fell backward like one of those trust games where there was no one behind to catch him. I'm glad he woke up. Scary.
I'd like to see us spread the court if Kofi comes back next year and spend the entire off-season passing g out of it. Feed him, spread it out, find assassins on the kickout, knock down 3. Force opponent to make decision. Give up 3, or Kofi ripping the rim off 1 on 1 in the post
Gonzaga is very strong, and very skilled. They look as strong as our 2001 team physically. Not super quick, and Baylor may make them look slow, but I don't think even Baylor can keep it within 10 points.
Rooting for Gonzaga but agree Timme is coming off rather punk-ish with his antics. Minor thing to get annoyed by when someone is destroying it I suppose
Kind of glad we never played Gonzaga...wouldn't have been a good experience for this board
Spokane, WA
Well, if we woulda played them in the championship....I think we would have preferred that versus what we got
I had been hoping to see a Kofi versus TImme matchup... don't think Timme would have been flexing against Kofi.
Honestly Gonzaga winning is what we need. Because then it means had we advanced all the way to them they may have won anyway. At least then we can say the team that was the best all year won.
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