3/6 Games

Baltimore, MD
Georgia up 36-30 on Alabama at half. Would be nice to see GA hold on, I think that would pretty much eliminate Bama from 1 seed contention.
Nova looking like a team that lost its starting PG. Providence up double digits.
If Maryland wins today, they clinch the 7 seed in the BTT --- as potential Illini opponent. If they lose, it appears the #7 seed goes to Rutgers.
Dallas,TX , Born and raised in Alton,Illinois
Purdue with a nice run to the regular season finish line ,, they are playing good ball . Looking tough going into Big Ten Tourney.
Aurora, IL
I watched a bit of an America East Semifinal between UMBC and Mass-Lowell (nice upset by Mass-Lowell, btw). I saw a guy on the Retrievers that couldn't have been taller than 5'3". Rogers is his name, I believe. Good player, too. Just the smallest guy I've ever seen play Div 1 hoops.
Duke getting thumped. How is the NCAA going to sneak them into the tournament?
One of the teams from the ACC that makes the tourney will not pass the testing protocols....so.....duke will get the call last minute and keep their streak alive...LOL